'Playing God'

I created this piece for my undergraduate degree show in ceramics (N.C.A.D., 2002). It was considered for the National Collection in The National Gallery of Ireland and went on to win an Award of Excellence, as well as, First Place in the ceramics section of the RDS National Crafts Competition and Traveling Exhibition 2002.

Image of 'Playing God' installation.
Image of 'One-Off' toy soldier sculpture.

'One-off' Vs 'Mass-Produced'

The 'Toy Soldier' sculptures are over 40cm tall. The 'standard' black pieces are made using a mass-production technique known as 'Slip-casting'. Over 150 were produced for the show. I also sculpted a number of 'One-off' soldiers like the one shown in the centre of the image above [top-left] . There are still a limited number of soldiers remaining for purchase.