'Make Mini Roar'

I created these illustrations for Mini Cooper's 'Make Mini Roar' campaign. See these illustrations, and more from some of Ireland's top illustrators, online in the 'Full House' section of the 'Hear Me Roar' website... www.hearmeroar.com

'Make a mini-roar'

This isometric illustration (drawn up in Illustrator) shows a Mini standing up to a group of tanks. It is based on an iconic historical photograph from the 'Tiananmen Square' protests. The intention was to suggest that the actions of the individual (a mini roar!) can positively resound around the world.

'Make every Mini roar'

This is a photoshop collage of a group of Mini's with peace symbols on their roofs. Although individually each Mini may only make a 'mini roar' of protest, together, they become far more powerful.