'Bee House'

Below [left] are illustrator drawings and graphic layouts that I designed for James Ennis at Positiveflow in 2010. Positiveflow are a design and research group who are based in Milan. Their design projects focus on giving a clear identity to energy in order to promote a more conscious use of energy for a sustainable future. To find out more about Positiveflow, visit their website by clicking the following link... www.positiveflow.net

2009 European Design Award - First Place Winner:

James' design won the top award at the 2009 European Design Award for a Sustainable Present. This design award, initiated by the European Economic and Social Committee [EESC], intends to support smart and sustainable European products and at the same time focus on the work of organised civil society. A unique aspect of the competition involves the production of the winning object and its distribution throughout an international network of institutional stakeholders. Find out more about these awards by using the following link... www.eesc.europa.eu